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Founded in 2015, Securvie Financial Group is a firm of seasoned advisors with many years of combined experience in the insurance and wealth management industry. At present, our team is made up of some fifteen professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years.

This impressive experience is matched by our excellent protection solutions and an unrivalled desire to be at your service. We can take care of your needs from the end of your university studies to your retirement and beyond. We have the knowledge and skills to help you reach the next level of financial, family and business well-being.

« Our customer approach is defined by conducting thorough needs analysis, offering an open architecture with a wide range of options from various insurers, and having a diverse team of experts committed to optimizing our customers’ long-term protection and tax benefits.

We continuously monitor opportunities to provide ongoing protection for our customers. Leveraging our tax expertise and comprehensive understanding of insurance products, we assist them in selecting the most suitable strategies, ensuring their peace of mind at every stage of their lives. »

Mehdi Perrault

General Manager

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Become a front-line partner in the development of your financial planning and wealth protection projects.

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Share your passions and successes while building a relationship based on trust and integrity.

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Enhance our service and product offerings with the best in the industry

To serve you better and offer you the best products, Securvie has chosen a number of industry-leading collaborators. These collaborations enable us to offer a wider range of products and services, always with the aim of better meeting your needs.

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